Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today in Science

Dolphins recognize each other'’s names. Reuters, BBC, LiveScience.com, ScienceNOW, Nature, NG

Plankton booms may be useful in predicting earthquakes. BBC

Researchers find that lesbian's brains response to sex hormones is similar to men. CNN, WP, LiveScience.com, NG

Injection of white blood cells immune to cancer cures the disease, provides immunity in mice. LAT

Long term use of estrogen replacement therapy increases the risk of breast cancer. BBC

US has high newborn death rate for an industrialized country. WP But still not as bad as Africa. (Not that Africa should be our benchmark.) BBC, Reuters

Parents seen as first line in mumps prevention. WP

Advice on mumps prevention. WP

US in joint venture with India to explore to moon. BBC, Al Jazeera

Warner Brothers will sell its movies and TV shows over the internet. WP, LAT, Reuters, BBC

FOX begins selling TV shows on iTunes today. WP, Reuters

Boston may be model for improvement of urban schools. WP

Senate to consider bill that would allow insurance companies to ignore state mandated coverage requirements. WP

Government scientists may be close to developing a nuclear detection device for use at ports. SF Chronicle

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