Saturday, May 06, 2006

This Week in Science

Congress moves forward with bill to force federally funded research to be available online for free. WP

Polygraph testing is unreliable. WP

Face transplant woman has feeling in her face. WP

Polar bears, hippos added to international list of animals at risk of extinction. Reuters, CBC, LAT, BBC

The ozone layer may never fully recover, may be worsening over Tibet. CBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera

Pop is out of school! WP, CNN, WP, NYT, CBC

Unplanned pregnancies up in the poor, down for the wealthy. WP, NYT

Doug Wallace is right: Everything really IS about mitochondria. Diabetes may link to Alzheimer’s via mitochondria. WP

FDA announces that marijuana has no medical benefits. (Potheads disagree.) LAT

iTunes downloads will stay at $0.99. FT

Explanation offered for evolution of "proto-wings". WP

Draft of Federal bird flu plan released. NYT, CNN

Government study eliminated yet another argument against climate change. WP, WP,


Senate Democrats want a vote on stem cell ban. (Senator Frist?) Reuters

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