Monday, May 08, 2006

Today in Science


Newsweek is running a series of articles about 25 years of the AIDS epidemic. Newsweek

Africans'’ sex habits are becoming healthier. Reuters

The USDA is recalling over 150,000 pounds of beef that may be infected with E. coli. Reuters

Nevadans to start buying Canadian prescription drugs on the internet. Reuters

EPA: Over half of streams in the US are polluted. Reuters

Scientific journal publishers are not happy about bill which would require free access to US funded journal articles. NYT

Scientists say they have found a way to get cells to repair themselves. BBC

Genetic marker found for higher prostate cancer risk. WP, NYT

EU: Aspartame does not increase risk of cancer. CNN, CBC, BBC

Secret UK study found no evidence of aliens visiting Earth. Reuters, BBC, Guardian

New spacesuit for use on Mars is being tested. CNN

X-Prize for super fuel efficient car to be announced. CSM

The increased price of gas is causing more workers to telecommute. CSM

New search engines filter content for children. WP

The Beatles lost their court case against Apple. WP, Reuters, BBC

China's Three Gorges Dam almost complete. BBC

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