Saturday, May 13, 2006

This Week in Science


Newsweek ran a series of articles about 25 years of the AIDS epidemic. Newsweek

CDC wants HIV testing to be a standard part of physicals. CNN

The NSA knows who you have been calling. WP, WP Unless you use Qwest. WP

Scientific journal publishers are not happy about bill which would require free access to journal articles about US funded research. NYT

X-Prize for super fuel efficient car to be announced. CSM

"H-prize"” for hydrogen car trying to be established by Congress.

Climate changes (not humans) killed off mammoths. CBC, Reuters,, ScienceNOW, WP, USAT, NG

Dolphins recognize each other'’s names. Reuters, BBC,, ScienceNOW, Nature, NG

Half-grizzly, half-polar bear shot in Canada. USAT

New genus of monkey discovered in Tanzania. BBC, CNN,, CBC, Reuters, Guardian

Researchers find that lesbian's brains response to sex hormones is similar to men. CNN, WP,, NG

US has high newborn death rate for an industrialized country. WP But still not as bad as Africa. BBC, Reuters

Senate to consider bill that would allow insurance companies to ignore state mandated coverage requirements. WP

Democrats may filibuster Republican health insurance bill. WP

Senate health insurance bill may be close to defeat. WP, WP

UK embryos may be screened for disease genes. WP, Guardian, ScienceNOW, Nature

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