Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today in Science

The death of an Indonesian man may have been caused by the first human to human to human transmission of bird flu. NYT, BBC, AP

New type of cement may cut smog levels. FT

Wild bear seen in Germany for first time in 170 years. NG, Der Spiegel, AP


Expert says fight against AIDS is gaining momentum. Reuters

Is there a genetic trait that could help fight AIDS? CBC

Increasing IV drug use is increasing the spread of HIV in India. BBC

Study: Marijuana smoking does not increase lung cancer risk. Reuters, ScienceNOW

Poor kids are more likely to be fat. Reuters

Study: Linoleic acid can change the distribution of body fat. Reuters

The US may draw nurses from poor countries, leaving them dangerously understaffed. NYT

Possible gene transfer therapy seen for impotence. Reuters

New telescopes may be able to detect life on distant planets by observing the light reflected of off them. BBC, NG

Voyager II is near the edge of our solar system. CNN

Reviews of Al Gore’s climate change movie. NYT, Nature

NASA is monitoring ice caps in Canada. CBC

Australian, European, and Californian scientists: Global warming is speeding up. Reuters, BBC, Reuters

Plan for nuclear fusion reactor gets go ahead. Guardian

Nike iPod shoes? AP, Reuters, FT, LAT, BBC

Microsoft releases beta versions of new products. Seattle Times, NYT, Reuters, PC World, AP

Humans may prevent new species from evolving. NYT

The Senate is pressured on stem cell bill. WP

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