Saturday, May 20, 2006

This Week in Science

Children in the East African drought region need immediate assistance. Reuters

3 major hurricanes are predicted to hit the US this season. Reuters

Merck waits for approval of cervical cancer vaccine. WP

FDA panel backs cervical cancer vaccine. AP, LAT

New genetic engineering technique may have huge potential to cure cancer. BBC

Merck may have discovered new class of antibiotics. WP, CBC, ScienceNOW, BBC,

Human ancestors may have interbred with chimpanzees. CBC, WP, NYT, WP, Reuters,, Nature, NG, BBC

Nebraska fossil bed named national landmark. NG

Astronomers say they have found a solar system similar to ours. NYT, Reuters, USAT, ScienceNOW, NG

The Washington Post ran a series of articles commemorating the Challenger disaster. WP

Neanderthal DNA sequenced. Nature

Human chromosome 1 sequencing completed. Reuters, Nature

Disease spawned by climate change may kill millions in Africa. Reuters, BBC

African mountains will no longer have snow capped peaks.

GM to introduce more fuel efficient engines in 2007 models. Reuters, AP

Nancy Reagan is pushing the Senate on change in stem cell law. (Seriously, how many times do I have to put this thing up?) WP

WHO confirms 5 new bird flu deaths in Indonesia. WP, BBC, Reuters

WHO says no human to human transmission of bird flu found in Indonesian deaths. NYT, WP, AP

DNA tests may reveal Christopher Columbus’ origins. WP

Bellsouth says it did not give the NSA any phone records. WP

Verizon also denies giving phone records to NSA. WP, WP

Federal judge will not release documents that may show AT&T gave phone records to the NSA. WP

BellSouth wants a retraction from USA Today over NSA phone record story. WP,AP

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