Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today in Science

Neanderthal DNA sequenced. Nature


AIDS nearing crisis point in Russia. WP

There is no evidence of an "Iraq War Syndrome"” similar to the "Gulf War Syndrome"”. CBC, BBC, Reuters

New federal guidelines want most women treated as pre-pregnant all the time. WP

Coral to be decimated by climate change. BBC

African mountains will no longer have snow capped peaks. LiveScience.com

Yahoo! is changing its home page today. BBC, WP

MLB wants fantasy baseball leagues to pay for use of players' names and stats. NYT

MTV to launch iTunes-esque online music store. FT, WP

Supreme Court rules in favor of eBay in patent dispute case. SF Chronicle, WP, Reuters, Seattle Times, ScienceNOW

Nancy Reagan is pushing the Senate on change in stem cell law. (Seriously, how many times do I have to put this thing up?) WP

3 major hurricanes are predicted to hit the US this season. Reuters

Bellsouth says it did not give the NSA any phone records. WP

Separated conjoined twins are getting better. WP

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