Friday, May 19, 2006

Today in Science

Some animals can think ahead. (Best of these headlines: "“Planning of the Apes".) Reuters,, ScienceNOW, NG

Possibly not extinct woodpecker still has not been found. NYT, Reuters, AP

Deep-sea fishing stocks are being depleted. Reuters, BBC

Experiment sees light go "backwards"” and possibly exceed the standard speed of light.

FDA panel backs cervical cancer vaccine. AP, LAT

New genetic engineering technique may have huge potential to cure cancer. BBC


Federal judge eliminates Bush administration prostitution pledge as a condition for receiving AIDS prevention funds. AP

Patient dies of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (human form of mad cow), others may have been infected. AP

More people may be susceptible to infection with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease than previously thought. Guardian

GM to introduce more fuel efficient engines in 2007 models. Reuters, AP

Exxon under fire for failing to address climate change. Reuters

Al Gore has a climate change movie. Reuters

Dell to end exclusive chip deal with Intel amid drop in profits. FT, AP, NYT, AP, LAT

Scientist says Indonesian "hobbit" is not a unique species, but an individual with dwarfism. CBC, WP, NYT, NG, AP, Guardian

Guess who is not ready for bird flu today? Answer: The states. AP

WHO says no human to human transmission of bird flu found in Indonesian deaths. NYT, WP, AP

BellSouth wants a retraction from USA Today over NSA phone record story. WP, AP

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