Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today in Science

Study says prolonged sitting, not air pressure and oxygen levels to blame for developing blood clots on airplanes. BBC, CBC, Reuters, ScienceNOW, Nature

Study shows Cuban sugar cane based cholesterol treatment is ineffective. WP

The Exxon Valdez oil spill is still damaging Alaskan wildlife. CBC, Reuters, ScienceNOW

Merck waits for approval of cervical cancer vaccine. WP

Synthetic marijuana drug for chemotherapy patients approved. CNN

Dying comet to pass by earth. Al Jazeera

Spaceports on the way? CNN

Anti-spamming campaign defeated by spam. WP

Discovery to start selling shows on iTunes. WP

Rival company sues to ban iPod sales. FT, SF Chronicle, Reuters

Apple releases new laptops with Intel chips. BBC

Proposed Omaha, Nebraska school redistricting law challenged under equal protection clause. NYT

Legitimacy of Newsweek high school rankings questioned. NYT

University of Colorado professor who compared 9/11 victims to Nazis accused of academic misconduct. NYT

Senators want to eliminate late fees in Medicare drug plan. NYT

WHO confirms 5 new bird flu deaths in Indonesia. WP, BBC, Reuters

Bubonic plague found in animals in Utah. CNN

Verizon also denies giving phone records to NSA. WP, WP

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