Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Today in Science

Biologists convene to adopt code of conduct for creation of new life. Guardian

Another cancer vaccine on the way? Guardian


Drug trial in Cambodia ended by protests. WP

Helpful explanation of an NIH panel's findings on multi-vitamin use. WP

Kenya and Brazil call on wealthier nations to spend more on researching diseases that affect poor countries. Al Jazeera

University of Iowa researchers have developed a faster mumps test. AP

New "“seeing machine"” could restore some sight to people with severely limited vision. NYT

New asthma treatment tested. AP

Americans do not get preventive healthcare. Reuters

Possibly mutated virus is spreading like wildfire in the Indian Ocean. Nature

Scientists say current estimates of global warming are too low. Guardian

Bush v. Gore round 2: This time its about climate change. AP

Radio Free Internet? NYT

Virologist: Bird flu unlikely to reach US any time soon. Reuters

New vaccine for bird flu shows promise. (In birds.) ScienceNOW

This is going to be another active hurricane season. LiveScience.com, CNN

If a hurricane were to hit New York, the US economy could be devastated. NG

Documents may show that AT&T aided the government domestic surveillance program. WP

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