Friday, May 26, 2006

This Week in Science

Mice in lab have inherited a trait without inheriting the corresponding gene. AP, CBC, BBC, ScienceNOW, Nature

Mice deaths caused by RNA interference experiments. NYT, Nature

See also my take on these stories. More RNAi

Biologists convene to adopt code of conduct for creation of new life. Guardian

Helpful explanation of an NIH panel’s findings on multi-vitamin use. WP

Study: Marijuana smoking does not increase lung cancer risk. Reuters, ScienceNOW, WP

Voyager II is near the edge of our solar system. CNN

Scientists say current estimates of global warming are too low. Guardian

Australian, European, and Californian scientists: Global warming is speeding up. Reuters, BBC, Reuters

Warming may increase the size of subtropical deserts. Reuters, CSM,, AP

Reviews of Al Gore’s climate change movie. NYT, Nature, CSM

Cloak of invisibility? CBC, Reuters,, Nature, NG, AP

The Senate is pressured on stem cell bill. WP


HIV originated in chimpanzees. Nature, AP, NYT, BBC, CBC, WP, Reuters,, NG

This is going to be another active hurricane season., CNN

New Orleans is the most likely place to be hit this hurricane season. Reuters

The death of an Indonesian family may have been caused by the first human to human to human transmission of bird flu. NYT, BBC, AP

2 siblings die of bird flu in Indonesia. AP

Wild bear seen in Germany for first time in 170 years. NG, Der Spiegel, AP

Science scores are up in elementary schools but not for older kids. AP, NYT

Scientists piece together how whales lost their hind legs. CSM

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