Friday, May 26, 2006

Today in Science


HIV originated in chimpanzees. Nature, AP, NYT, BBC, CBC, WP, Reuters,, NG

UN group reports on AIDS treatment progress in hardest hit countries. AP

Warming may increase the size of subtropical deserts. Reuters, CSM,, AP

Kyoto states will meet to discuss greenhouse emissions cut for post-2012. (Sans the US, of course.) Reuters

Another review of Al Gore’s global warming movie. CSM

Cloak of invisibility? CBC, Reuters,, Nature, NG, AP

Yahoo! and eBay join forces. WP, FT, NYT, LAT, Reuters, BBC, AP

Researchers develop nanomaterial that pulls water out of the air. ScienceNOW

Migrating birds from Europe and Africa are in decline. BBC, Reuters

Thalidomide gets FDA approval for use against bone-marrow cancer. AP

Sorry ladies: A drink a day is only good for men. BBC, Reuters

FDA approves new shingles vaccine. AP

House Judiciary committee approves internet gambling ban. Reuters, AP

Beat that dead horse: Full House votes to open drilling in Alaska refuge, chances of passing the Senate are slim. NYT, WP, AP

2 siblings die of bird flu in Indonesia. AP

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