Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today in Science

Some aid is getting to Indonesian earthquake victims. Reuters, AP, AP, Der Spiegel

The US is testing an early warning system for earthquakes. AP

The Yangtze river in China is being killed by pollution. Reuters

DNA to catch burglars in the OC? LAT


Head of the UN’s AIDS program says we are losing the fight against HIV/AIDS. AP

A bad diet is as bad for you as smoking. Reuters

New mechanical pump for the heart developed that does not require open heart surgery to insert. BBC, Guardian

They make you sick, then sell the cure. WP

NASA looks to artificial intelligence to guide future interplanetary probes. NYT

The rovers on Mars are already being upgraded to make some decisions. BBC

Some (not many) companies are trying to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions without governmental regulation. NYT

Poison ivy grows faster and is itchier when CO2 levels are higher. CBC, WP, LiveScience.com, Nature, AP

Use of e-voting machines is still contentious. WP

Ad subsidized cell phone calls on the way. NYT, Reuters

Egyptian blogger continues writing from his prison cell. AP

New Orleans levee system failed because it was too simplistic in design. NYT

Chinese baby has 3 arms. AP

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