Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today in Science

Hurricane season starts today. (Goodbye southeastern US.) NG, AP, AP

The ozone layer is on the comeback trail. CSM


UN’s Annan criticizes lack of HIV progress. BBC, Reuters, AP, AP

UN wants to triple AIDS funding by 2008. NYT

UN asked to provide HIV medication. BBC

Weight affects heartburn in women. CBC, Reuters, AP

Shuttle to launch in July. NYT, LAT, Reuters, AP, CNN

Scientists: Florida threatened by warming. AP

The arctic was subtropical 55 million years ago. CBC,, Nature, AP, NYT, BBC

Google does not plan to produce its own web browser. Reuters, AP

Microsoft moving into security. WP, WP

Lost VA data not in easily accessible format. WP

Are nanoproducts safe? LAT

Job recruitment online reached record level in May. Reuters

New technologies seen for world’s poor. Der Spiegel

“Hobbit” hominids may have made tools. Nature, NG, WP, Reuters, BBC

Yogurt bacteria is evolving. CSM

New Orleans is sinking faster than thought. CBC, CNN, AP, Al Jazeera, WP, BBC

Holy $#!#!!! Tracking chips in immigrants?

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