Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today in Science

New drug can significantly delay breast cancer. AP

Patients receiving Medicaid will need to show proof of citizenship. AP

Sperm quality decreases as men age. CBC, AP, Reuters, NYT, LiveScience.com, Nature

FDA to allow banned multiple sclerosis drug under restricted program. AP, Reuters

Millions of Americans have undiagnosed anger syndrome. (So, I'm not alone.) BBC, LiveScience.com, AP

Storms on Jupiter are nearing each other. CNN

Some of the Hawaiian Islands may be inundated with water thanks to climate change. NG

Intel may sell off parts of the company. FT, Reuters

Google has developed an "online spreadsheet"”. FT, AP

IBM to triple investment in India. AP

3 armed baby to have surgery today. BBC

Today is 6.6.06. If you give a crap, read this article. NG (I a’m getting on a plane today, so if this is the last thing ever on this blog...that would really suck.)

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