Saturday, June 03, 2006

This Week in Science

DC insiders are starting an internet campaign to get a 2008 bipartisan presidential ticket. (See also WP

Egyptian blogger continues writing from his prison cell. AP

More on imprisoned Egyptian bloggers. WP


UN report says the spread of AIDS may be slowing. NYT, BBC, CBC, NYT, LAT

But the drive to stop AIDS is still coming up short. Reuters

UNAIDS meets today to try and boost anti-HIV efforts. WP

UN’s Annan criticizes lack of HIV progress. BBC, Reuters, AP, AP

UN wants to triple AIDS funding by 2008. NYT

The UN wants to use consumer products to help pay for AIDS treatment and prevention in developing countries. WP

UN AIDS conference offers global declaration, activists say it is too weak. BBC, Reuters

Indonesian earthquake death toll tops 5000. WP, Reuters, AP

They make you sick, then sell the cure. WP

Use of e-voting machines is still contentious. WP

UK journalists call for a boycott of Yahoo! to protest the company’s actions in China. Reuters

JetBlue takes big step toward in-flight internet. AP, Reuters

“Hobbit” hominids may have made tools. Nature, NG, WP, Reuters, BBC

Centrosomes may have their own RNA-based genome. ScienceNOW

Bush administration is cutting energy conservation programs. CSM

2 new studies link global warming with stronger hurricanes. NYT

Another study says that a reduction in pollution is making storms stronger.

The ozone layer is on the comeback trail. CSM

Rome is hosting a large bird flu meeting. AP

Another Indonesian has died of bird flu. AP

3 armed boy to have surgery. BBC

New Orleans is sinking faster than thought. CBC, CNN, AP, Al Jazeera, WP, BBC

Jericho may have been the site of the first human cultivated crop. NYT, Reuters, BBC, NG, AP

Holy $#!#!!! Tracking chips in immigrants?

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