Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today in Science

ALERT: Yahoo! Mail users should read about the worm hitting Yahoo! Mail and how to avoid it. Reuters, WP

Microsoft releasing 12 security updates. BBC

Microsoft to restrict Vista operating system downloads to keep from clogging the Internet. FT

Google has upgraded its mapping programs. AP, AP

Texas Instruments has new chip manufacturing process that will boost processing speed, cut power consumption. Reuters

E-newspapers? Reuters

Alberto may hit Florida at Hurricane strength. WP, NG, AP

More on the Whaling commission. Reuters

This article explains how flies can walk on walls. LiveScience.com

German Bear is still on the loose. Der Spiegel

Blocking anaerobic respiration in cancer cells may slow growth. ScienceNOW

Vaccine against Alzheimer's shows promise in mice. BBC, AP, AP

New Alzheimer's drug beginning human safety trials in Canada. CBC

trans-fats are really, really bad for you. Nature

Lots of coffee protects your liver from lots of alcohol. ScienceNOW, Reuters, BBC, AP, AP

New drug could save lives from "killer diarrhea". BBC

Stephen Hawking says humans must colonize space to ensure our survival as a species. AP, AP

Europe to send "test for life" to Mars. BBC, Guardian

Sound does not travel as far on Mars as on Earth. ScienceNOW

Governors of Western States agree on clean energy plan. Reuters

Polar bears may be cannibalizing each other in response to climate change. AP, AP

Federal government gives $24M to Louisiana for charter school development. NYT

Kids who skip grades benefit from it. WP

EU debates funding for stem cell research. BBC

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