Monday, June 12, 2006

Today in Science

New UN environmental program head wants to use environmental protection as a way to reduce global poverty. BBC

Order to shoot the German bear rescinded. Der Spiegel

Mystery spontaneous strain of ‘Mad Cow’ seen in Alabama, Texas. AP, AP

Pro-whaling nations to take control of the International Whaling Commission. BBC

New species of shark found off South Carolina coast. BBC

Thai fishermen agree to stop catching endangered giant Mekong catfish. BBC

San Diego company is selling cats bred to be hypoallergenic. NG

Transplant tissue industry is poorly regulated. AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP

Doctors recommend increased vitamin D intake. LAT

Chemical found in hops may fight prostate cancer. AP

Particles from coal burning plants in China are reaching the West Coast. NYT

eBay steps into keyword advertising field. BBC

Blogger convention in Vegas. WP, NYT

Loophole in federal election law may result in tons of political spam this year. WP

The House now makes constituents answer math problems to send them email. WP

I guess I missed this last week: 3-armed Chinese baby has successful amputation. AP, BBC

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