Friday, June 09, 2006

Today in Science

FDA approves cervical cancer vaccine. WP, NYT, BBC, CNN, CBC, Science, LAT, AP, AP

FDA to make shutting down unapproved prescription drugs a priority. WP, AP, AP

Teens are smoking, drinking, having sex less, etc. LAT, WP

More cases of Hantavirus seen in US. WP (Scroll down)

Manatees are being removed from Florida'’s endangered species list. (Unfortunately, not because they are no longer endangered.) NYT, AP, AP

Bald eagles, too. AP, AP


AIDS vaccine trial in monkeys shows promise. Reuters, WP (Scroll down)

Diverse groups meeting in DC today to begin push to get 25% of America’s energy from renewable sources by 2025. CSM

Animals are already evolving in response to climate change., NG

UN climate change plan seeks to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons by 2012. Reuters

House looks to open cable TV competition to phone companies. WP, NYT, LAT, Reuters, AP, AP

New type of sensors may allow robots to "“feel"”. Reuters,, ScienceNOW, NG, BBC, Nature

New website where you can trade CDs started up yesterday. WP

One of the world'’s leading spammers fined $10M. Al Jazeera

CBS to start selling shows on iTunes. (Does that mean I can watch "“Murder, She Wrote"” on my video iPod as Angela Landsbury intended?) AP, AP

New bird flu outbreak in China. BBC

Terrorist websites mourn, praise Zarqawi. NYT

I ha’ve been wondering about this for a while: Scientists may have determined how bi-lingual people switch from using one language to another. ScienceNOW

Idiots in Nebraska do not want their baby screened for metabolic disorders. (This article raises many interesting questions. The most confounding of which is: There are Scientologists in Nebraska?) AP, AP

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