Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today in Science

AMA says Americans should be required to have health insurance. AP, AP

They also say we eat way too much sodium. WP, AP, AP

KFC is being sued for using trans-fat containing oil. CBC, Reuters, NYT, AP, AP

Heavy wrinkles associated with 5-fold greater risk of lung disease in smokers. BBC, Reuters,

German bear beats Finnish dogs. Der Spiegel

Rare rhinoceros photographed in Borneo. Reuters

Oldest spider found encased in amber. BBC

NIH Alzheimer's expert improperly sold tissue samples to drug companies. WP, AP, AP

Scientists say the G8 needs to stay committed to fighting climate change. Reuters

Canada to build $18B (USD) worth of nuclear plants. NYT

Yahoo! says the email worm that attacked Yahoo! Mail is under control. WP, AP, AP

Groups are competing to design a new nuclear bomb. AP, AP

Crocodilian ancestor found in Australia. Nature

Alberto made landfall well short of hurricane strength. NG, WP

Op-ed by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency about nuclear non-proliferation. WP

Tiny, tiny premature baby is going home. BBC

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