Saturday, June 17, 2006

This Week in Science

Bill Gates to reduce his role at Microsoft by 2008, increase charity work. BBC, FT, WP, NYT, NYT, LAT, Reuters, AP, AP

Google has upgraded its mapping programs. AP, AP

Amazon to sell groceries. Reuters

Doctors recommend increased vitamin D intake. LAT

Vaccine against Alzheimer’s shows promise in mice. BBC, AP, AP

AMA says Americans should be required to have health insurance. AP, AP

KFC is being sued for using trans-fat containing oil. CBC, Reuters, NYT, AP, AP

US emergency rooms are on the verge of collapse. WP, Reuters

Alberto made landfall well short of hurricane strength. NG, WP

Stephen Hawking says humans must colonize space to ensure our survival as a species. AP, AP

Billions of tons of carbon may be released by thawing permafrost, which could greatly accelerate climate change. Reuters,, NG

Polar bears may be cannibalizing each other in response to climate change. AP, AP

Governors of Western States agree on clean energy plan. Reuters

Particles from coal burning plants in China are reaching the West Coast. NYT

Gene may control transformation of adult stem cells into embryonic stem cells. Reuters, Nature

Bird flu vaccine shows promise in ferrets. Reuters

Blocking anaerobic respiration in cancer cells may slow growth. ScienceNOW


Mutations in a single gene in HIV may have made it deadly. Reuters

Scientists have recreated the rapid evolution of a butterfly species in the lab. Guardian, BBC,, ScienceNOW, NG

President Bush to create world’s largest marine reserve in Hawaii. WP, NYT

I guess I missed this last week: 3-armed Chinese baby has successful amputation. AP, BBC

Tiny, tiny premature baby is going home. BBC

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