Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today in Science

Scientists have recreated the rapid evolution of a butterfly species in the lab. Guardian, BBC,, ScienceNOW, NG

President Bush to create world's largest marine reserve in Hawaii. WP, NYT

German bear hit by car, but OK. Der Spiegel

Picture of the (once thought extinct) Laotian rock rat. BBC, NG

US emergency rooms are on the verge of collapse. WP, Reuters

Eating moderately is good for you.

Changing flight schedules could reduce impact of airplanes on climate change. CBC, LAT, BBC, Guardian, NG

Google launches Federal government search. WP

Amazon to sell groceries. Reuters

Gene may control transformation of adult stem cells into embryonic stem cells. Reuters, Nature

Bird flu vaccine shows promise in ferrets. Reuters

Official deaths from bird flu in Indonesia reach 38. AP, AP

From the Arts & Crafts section: Make a mask out of a T-shirt to avoid bird flu. (Tomorrow: Dig your own grave and save!) Reuters

NIH researcher accused of selling federally owned tissue for his own financial gain pled the fifth to a Congressional subcommittee. WP, ScienceNOW

Chinese woman with gigantism begins treatment. Reuters

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