Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today in Science

New breast cancer gene identified in women of European descent. Reuters, AP, AP

Scientists discover trigger for leukemia. Reuters

IBM and Georgia Tech develop microchip that runs 250 times faster than current chips. NYT, Reuters

New MSN Messenger released. Al Jazeera, Reuters, AP, AP

iTunes wants to sell movies next. NYT

Enormous Airbus jumbo jet delayed again. Der Spiegel

Supreme Court sends Clean Water Act case back to lower court. WP, Reuters, CSM, AP, AP

German bear is just taunting them now. Der Spiegel, Der Spiegel

Pandas may be doing better than thought. CBC, Reuters, BBC, ScienceNOW

Anti-whaling countries look to take back the International Whaling Commission. BBC

Irrigation in Arizona is increasing local rainfall. LiveScience.com

American Heart Association wants strict limits on trans-fats. AP, AP

Taking certain painkillers after a heart attack can increase the risk of another attack. Reuters

Beaches to be victims of climate change. NYT

Stem cells regenerate nerves in paralyzed rats. Reuters

South Korean cloning fraud goes on trial. BBC, AP, AP, Reuters

Scientists receive bird flu training in Iowa. AP, AP

Bird flu death toll in Indonesia rises to 39. AP, AP

Polygraph results differ between federal agencies. WP

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