Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today in Science

Indonesia appeals for aid in fighting bird flu. AP, AP

The US does not have a plan for testing bird flu in commercial poultry. NYT, AP, AP

Military cemeteries may close during a bird flu epidemic. AP, AP

Bavaria says no to female bear to entice Bruno the German bear into a trap. Der Spiegel

International Whaling Commission talks of compromise. BBC

San Francisco has a plan for universal health care. AP, AP

Two key Senators are preparing a bill that would drastically change drug testing. NYT

CNN exclusive: Exercise is good for you. CNN

Rate of diabetes has doubled in past 30 years. Reuters

Nurses file class action suit against hospitals over pay. Reuters, NYT

The price of drugs for the elderly have risen rapidly this year (coincident with the new Medicare drug plan). NYT, Reuters

Use of statins can help prevent development of cataracts. LAT, AP, AP, Reuters

Pluto's moons are named. ScienceNOW

Study reveals gas bubble activity around Earth. CNN

Microsoft looks to extend its dominance using robots. Reuters

Here's some news from my old home, Irvine, CA: City rejects cell phone towers. LAT

Chinese government tries to control blogs. Reuters

Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist testifies in his fraud trial. CBC

Bill Gates' focus on charity could have an enormous impact. WP

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