Monday, June 26, 2006

Today in Science

We all knew this probably would not end well: Bruno the bear shot dead. Der Spiegel, AP, AP

For a retrospective of his adventures see here and here.

Tortoise thought to have been owned by Charles Darwin dies at 176 years old. AP, AP


New HIV drug approved. Reuters, AP, AP

Human to human transmission of bird flu confirmed in Indonesia. NYT, BBC, CBC

Mouse stem cells used to generate both sperm AND egg cells. Nature

Stem cells used to repair stroke damage. Nature, Guardian

New test can monitor levels of protein associated with Alzheimer's. AP, AP

Long-term exposure to pesticides greatly increases risk of Parkinson's disease. Reuters

NASA to sponsor $500 million contest to boost private sector development of space vehicles. Al Jazeera, AP, AP


Greenland's ice-sheet is melting alarmingly fast. (If all of Greenland melts, sea level will rise 21 feet.) LAT

Ethanol production is changing lives in agricultural areas. NYT

Russia wants to produce floating, mobile nuclear power plants. Der Spiegel

Warren Buffet to bequeath tens of billions of dollars to the Gates Foundation. WP, LAT, AP, AP

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