Saturday, June 24, 2006

This Week in Science


National Academy of Science endorsed "hockey stick" finding that last 25 years are the hottest in the previous 400 years (or 1000 or 2000 years, depending on which story you read). Reuters, WP, NYT,, ScienceNOW, LAT, AP, AP

Biomass looks to replace oil to fuel the nation. (Nebraska to be the new Saudi Arabia.) WP

Southern San Andreas fault is due for a major earthquake. CBC, Nature, NG, Reuters, AP, AP

President Bush returns national parks to policy of conservation ahead of human access. CSM, NG, WP, AP, AP

Next shuttle launch set for July 1, safety concerns linger. NYT, LAT, WP, CNN, BBC, Guardian, AP, AP However, despite concerns, NASA safety chief will not appeal shuttle launch date. Reuters, WP, NYT, AP, AP

China wants a man on the moon by 2024. Reuters

Pluto’s moons are named. ScienceNOW

Scientists develop new rapid test for genetic defects in embryos. Reuters, BBC, Reuters, Nature, Guardian

Over 14% of Americans did not have health insurance last year. Reuters

Condoms shown to protect against cervical cancer causing virus. NYT, AP, AP

Vasectomies can cause damage to sperm. BBC, Reuters

67 academies of science urge teachers and parent to teach facts of evolution to children. CBC, BBC

IBM and Georgia Tech develop microchip that runs 250 times faster than current chips. NYT, Reuters

Enormous Airbus jumbo jet delayed again. Der Spiegel

AT&T decides it owns you. Reuters And, predictably, privacy groups decry AT&T’s decision that it owns you. Reuters, WP

Stem cells regenerate nerves in paralyzed rats. Reuters

South Korean cloning scientist's fraud trial began. BBC, AP, AP, Reuters And he testified. CBC

Bird flu death toll in Indonesia rises to 39. AP, AP

Indonesian family died of human-to-human spread bird flu. AP, AP And the bird flu virus that killed them was “slightly mutated”. AP, AP

Chinese scientists say 2003 SARS death was actually due to bird flu, then ask for report to be withdrawn. NYT, Reuters, AP, AP

Dung tells scientists that Pandas may be doing better than previously thought. (Dung, is there anything it can’t tell us?) CBC, Reuters, BBC, ScienceNOW, AP, AP Also, China expands reserve habitat for even rarer Panda subspecies. Reuters

Pro-whaling nations vote for resumption of commercial whaling but come up short. WP, AP, AP, BBC, Reuters However, member states speak of compromise. BBC

Student loan interest rates set to rise. WP

North Korea prepares for missile test. WP, LAT, AP, AP And, after $43 billion dollars over the last 5 years, US missile defense program still not ready to shoot it down. LAT, WP, AP, AP

Polygraph results differ between federal agencies. WP

Bill Gates' focus on charity could have an enormous impact. WP

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