Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Today in Science

Surgeon General wants to make all workplaces smoke free. WP, AP, AP, CBC, Reuters, NYT, LAT

Parkinson'’s drug approved. AP, AP

Fight against malaria seeks new weapons. NYT

Here are some "reasons"” why people are fat. AP, AP, Reuters

Hybrid Burger? AP, AP

Muhammad Ali to introduce low-calorie foods to fight obesity in young people. NYT

Ultrasound to be used to treat battlefield injuries. BBC

California legislature says no to assisted suicide law. Reuters

Hiker says Bruno the bear could have been tranquilized instead of shot. Der Spiegel

Zoologists have a plan to save the endangered Chinese lake dolphin. BBC

Ancient big cats who ate human ancestors caught bacteria that causes ulcers.

Drug stops lung cancer in mice. Reuters

Researchers test scorpion venom as brain cancer treatment.

Avastin pancreatic cancer trials halted due to ineffectiveness. LAT


Coal may be used to transport hydrogen. ScienceNOW

Global warming may have influenced the 2005 hurricane season. ScienceNOW

DaimlerChrysler to sell tiny, fuel efficient car in US. Der Spiegel

Scientists call Al Gore'’s climate change movie accurate. AP, AP

Germany to backtrack on emissions standards. BBC

One person could hack electronic voting machines and change the results of an election. WP

Education department panel recommends overhaul of higher education. NYT

When people think they are being watched, they behave more honestly. (See Clerks for more info.) BBC, CBC, Guardian

More Buffet/Gates charity love-fest. NYT

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