Saturday, July 01, 2006

This Week in Science

Space shuttle set to launch today, barring bad weather. WP, NYT, LAT, Reuters, BBC, AP, AP

The Hubble telescope is working again. AP, AP

NASA to sponsor $500 million contest to boost private sector development of space vehicles. Al Jazeera, AP, AP


The Supreme Court will hear a case requesting that the EPA label CO2 a pollutant. CSM, WP, BBC, ScienceNOW, AP, AP

Greenland’s ice-sheet is melting alarmingly fast. (If all of Greenland melts, sea level will rise 21 feet.) LAT

Sweden has a plan to end oil dependence by 2020. Al Jazeera

Scientists call Al Gore’s climate change movie accurate. AP, AP

The Senate will (probably) vote on stem cell funding in July. (I will believe it when I don’t see this anymore.) Reuters, WP, AP, AP

Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist to restart his work in a new lab. Reuters

Mouse stem cells used to generate both sperm AND egg cells. Nature

Stem cells used to repair stroke damage. Nature, Guardian

Panel recommends cervical cancer vaccination for girls as young as 11, some conservative groups oppose the recommendation. Reuters, WP, NYT, CBC, LAT, AP, AP

Drug stops lung cancer in mice. Reuters

Species of snake with chameleon-like skin discovered. Reuters, BBC, AP, AP

Tortoise thought to have been owned by Charles Darwin dies at 176 years old. AP, AP

Senate Commerce Committee approves legislation to allow telephone companies to sell TV programming, drops net neutrality provisions. WP, Reuters, AP, AP

Surgeon General wants to make all workplaces smoke free. WP, AP, AP, CBC, Reuters, NYT, LAT

Law requiring proof of citizenship for Medicaid benefits is being challenged. Reuters, AP, AP

Congressional Democrats have a plan to negotiate with drug companies for Medicare drug prices. AP

Muhammad Ali to introduce low-calorie foods to fight obesity in young people. NYT

Human to human transmission of bird flu confirmed in Indonesia. NYT, BBC, CBC

Warren Buffet to bequeath tens of billions of dollars to the Gates Foundation. From 6.28.2006: WP, LAT, AP, AP From 6.29.2006: WP, Reuters, Der Spiegel, AP, AP

Stolen laptop with Veteran’s data turned in to FBI. WP, NYT, Reuters, AP, AP

The new Samuel L. Jackson movie “Snakes on a Plane” was heavily influenced by online fan input. (Including my new all-time favorite movie line: "I’ve had it with these mother-[expletive] snakes on this mother-[expletive] plane.") LAT

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