Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today in Science

Weather may scrap Saturday's shuttle launch. Reuters, AP, AP

Bruno the German bear to be stuffed. Der Spiegel

Web cam of eagle chicks documents fratricide.


Botswana supplies 85% of HIV-infected citizens with drugs, but infection rates are soaring. Reuters

AIDS blamed for food shortages in Southern Africa. Reuters

Law requiring proof of citizenship for Medicaid benefits is being challenged. Reuters, AP, AP

Congressional Democrats have a plan to negotiate with drug companies for Medicare drug prices. AP

20% of transplant centers do not meet minimum federal standards. AP, AP

Approval of non-stop birth control pill delayed by FDA. Reuters, AP, AP

Premature birth is becoming more common but more can be done for the babies. NYT

Here is a review of why trans-fat is so unhealthy. CBC


Sweden has a plan to end oil dependence by 2020. Al Jazeera

Bush administration plans $170 million dollars of funding for solar technology. Reuters

Burying CO2 has produced noxious chemical reactions. ScienceNOW

More on Germany's new lax emissions standards. NYT

More efficient lighting could reduce energy consumption by 10%. BBC

New iPods may be delayed. Reuters

Senate Commerce Committee approves legislation to allow telephone companies to sell TV programming, drops net neutrality provisions. WP, Reuters, AP, AP

FCC looks to again weaken media ownership rules. WP

Tsunami warning system in the Indian Ocean is up and running. BBC

The new Samuel L. Jackson movie "Snakes on a Plane" was heavily influenced by online fan input. (Including my new all-time favorite movie line: "I’ve had it with these mother-[expletive] snakes on this mother-[expletive] plane.") LAT

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