Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Today in Science

The 21st century may see 1 billion tobacco related deaths. CBC, AP, AP

Religious dieting growing in popularity. LAT

More newborns are being tested for disorders. AP, AP

Eating fish can protect against macular degeneration in the elderly. Reuters, AP, AP

A stroke in a particular part of the brain can eliminate addiction to cigarettes. Nature


More research shows that circumcision can help prevent spread of AIDS. BBC, Reuters


Global warming could have profound negative effects on the wine industry. LiveScience.com, ScienceNOW, LAT, AP, AP

Google to start a large research facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. NYT, AP, AP

103-inch TV! Reuters

President Bush will probably veto any stem cell bill. (That ought to push him back below 30% approval. Way to take the pulse of the country.) AP, AP

Bird flu vaccine ready for human trials. Guardian

Sleeps helps us to remember. CBC, Yahoo!

Congress to vote on banning internet gambling. LAT, AP, AP

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