Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today in Science

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Any kind of physical activity helps the elderly live longer. WP, AP, AP, CBC, Reuters

Senate votes to allow importing prescription drugs from Canada. Reuters, AP, AP

Medicare premiums set to rise. AP, AP


New study shows that biofuels made from corn and soybeans will not solve our energy crisis. Nature, AP, AP

All the ice in the Alps may melt by the year 2100. NG

Study: Women are both more likely to develop lung cancer and more likely to survive it. Reuters

UK scientists are trying to use microelectronics to restore sight. BBC

Cell phone towers are being disguised as trees, etc to blend in. (Maybe even Irvine will get one now.) WP

Study suggests "morning sickness" may have evolved to protect the fetus against unhealthy food. BBC

Fossils of killer kangaroos and "demon ducks" found in Australia. Reuters, BBC

President Bush urged to not veto Congressional stem cell bill. Reuters

MySpace-type website for politics to launch this fall. Reuters, WP, AP, AP

House online gambling restriction passed. WP, BBC, AP, AP

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