Monday, July 17, 2006

Today in Science

Senate to debate stem cell bill this week. WP, NYT, Reuters, AP, AP Senate Majority Leader Frist predicts it will pass. Reuters

Scientists refute claims made by a Senate science advisor who is against the stem cell bill. WP

An earthquake in Indonesian spawned a killer tsunami., AP, AP

Space shuttle to return today. CBC, NYT, Reuters, BBC

Vulture populations worldwide are endangered. Guardian

A new blood test may provide early detection of lung cancer. Reuters


The G8 wants more funding for AIDS. AP, AP But some say it is still not enough. Reuters

Diabetes may lead to an increased risk of Alzheimer's. NYT

Apple and Microsoft may both be planning new MP3 players. Reuters

HP has developed a tiny wireless chip that may be put in almost anything. Reuters, BBC

Study shows that public schools are roughly equal to private schools in performance. NYT

42nd Indonesian dies from bird flu. Reuters, AP, AP

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