Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

Well, after 5+ years filled with political wrangling, greatly impeded biomedical progress, and a bill passed with a large bi-partisan coalition in Congress...we are right back where we started from:

President Bush vetoed the stem cell bill using his first and, (depending on how the fall elections go) possibly only, veto.

Say hello to sub-30% approval ratings! (Oh and continued suffering and misery for millions of sick people. Thanks religious conservatives!) Around 70% of Americans disagree with the President on this issue.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed in the President's veto on increasing possibilities on stem cell research. This veto is a real tragedy for those of us who suffer from diseases that might have promise for being better combatted and for even a cure. It is also a sad statement for researches. Even strong conservatives like Sen. Frist agree that we need to have this legislation. Let me urge you to do this...If you support the bill, please begin to lobby your congressman or congresswoman. We only need four votes to override this veto.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Robb said...

Unfortunately, the House attempt to overide the veto fell 51 (I think) votes short. So, that's that - for now. Political pressure is the key, however.

This technology will move forward, one way or the other.

9:24 PM  

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