Monday, July 17, 2006

Stem Cells in the (So-Called) News

Here is an example of some of the garbage that "journalists" write about the stem cell issue. The author wants us all to know that stem cell treatments are far away – pardon me but NO CRAP! They are farther away every single day that adequate funding is denied to stem cell research. She also points out that the federal government is this year funding $38 million dollars in stem cell research. That is a big number! Surely it is enough. Unless you consider the fact that the recent $3 billion California stem cell initiative is going to fund $300 million per year for 10 years! And that is only ONE state. Private funding already exceeds $38 million. More importantly, those federal funds are limited to the (poor) stem cell lines that existed prior to the Bush ban.

Incidentally, the US is also falling behind the rest of the world in stem cell advances. That’s not how we roll, people. South Korea may be able to make cars that people want better than any American company can, but this? It is embarrassing and the rest of the world is eating us up for it. New technology means new jobs – I guess the Koreans just want it more.

To see what actual reporting of this issue looks like see here.

And check out my latest Tokatakiya post on the subject: YSK: Politicians Who (Say They) Oppose Stem Cell Research are Hypocrites or Ignorant

7.18.2006: Correction: I had originally said that California stem cell funding was $1 billion when in fact it is $3 billion. (Oops, I was more right than I thought.) The correct figures are now in the post.


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