Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today in Science

The space shuttle returned safely to Earth. Al Jazeera, CBC, BBC, WP, AP,AP, NYT, Reuters, CSM, Nature, NG, LAT

The death toll is well over 300 for the latest Indonesian tsunami, warning system in doubt. Der Spiegel, AP, WP

President Bush will veto the stem cell bill. WP, LiveScience.com, NYT, Reuters, AP, WP, AP

Cloned humans would feel like individuals. BBC

Scientists look to make sequencing a person's genome cheap enough for everyone to do. NYT

I miss Bruno the German Bear, but maybe Bitey the Rabid Bobcat can take his place. AP, AP

Speaking of Bruno: Not to be outdone by the Germans, Italy may kill Bruno's mother. Der Spiegel

Questions answered about new cervical cancer vaccine. WP

FDA approves drug for ovarian cancer, despite advice to the contrary. Reuters

Proteins involved in the spread of pancreatic cancer identified. Reuters

Hospital architects say private rooms would reduce infectious disease transmission, errors. AP, AP

Namibia starts program to re-eradicate polio. AP, AP

Alzheimer's drug slow reduction in brain size. Reuters

Radiofrequency ID tags can be used to detect surgical instruments left in patients. ScienceNOW, Nature, Reuters

Women seeking abortion advice are often given misleading information. Reuters, WP, AP, AP

Some European countries are bribing women to have children with benefits to boost sagging populations. AP, AP And they are sagging. AP, AP

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Blogger Scott W. Somerville said...

The claim that crisis pregancy centers give out false information is serious, and deserves a closer look. The argument that induced abortion increases the risk of breast cancer is HUGELY unpopular, but has some good science behind it.

10:43 AM  

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