Saturday, July 29, 2006

This Week in Science

Report: Arab nations will need to spend $100 billion on water desalinization over the next 10 years to meet the rising demand for water. Reuters


The rate of new HIV infections in South Africa is leveling off. AP, AP

China plans to send seeds into space in the hope that cosmic rays will mutate them into super-fruits. Al Jazeera

Space shuttle Atlantis to launch in late August. Reuters

Space probe finds continent on Saturn’s moon Titan. NG

Saturn’s moon Titan may have lakes filled with liquid hydrocarbons. BBC, ScienceNOW, AP, AP

Methane rain falls on Saturn’s moon Titan. Reuters, Nature

NASA may halt research being done on the space station to deal with a $100 million budget shortfall. Reuters


Use of corn as a fuel source may significantly impact corn as a food source. CSM

Holy crap! Many Americans are too fat to be X-rayed. Reuters

Diabetes in childhood can drastically reduce life expectancy. Reuters, AP, AP

Scientists may have found a way to manipulate a bacterium so that it prevents mosquitoes from spreading malaria. BBC

Scientists have found genes that allow electrical currents to accelerate the healing of wounds. Guardian, Reuters, ScienceNOW

OK, for real this time: Microsoft will release its own version of the iPod called Zune. (Better than Origami.) WP, BBC

Report: Much of the US is not prepared to use electronic voting machines. WP

Pakistan is developing more plutonium. Nature, AP, WP, AP

Most people are happy with their Medicare drug plans. AP

Mass produced bird flu vaccine for humans may be ready by next year. Reuters, CBC, WP, AP, AP, NYT, BBC, DPA, Guardian

The EU will continue to give a tiny amount of money to stem cell research, but no research that destroys embryos. BBC, AP, AP, Guardian

Stem cells from human fat have been turned into muscle cells in the lab. Reuters

White House Press Secretary takes back his “embryonic stem cells are murder” comment. WP

Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist says he tried to clone mammoths. Reuters

Singapore develops the first stem cell lines suitable for use in human beings. Nature (In the “I told you so” department, see here.) [Actually, it wasn’t me but you get the point.]

Another earthquake hits Indonesia. Reuters, AP

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