Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today in Science

Holy crap! Many Americans are too fat to be X-rayed. Reuters

Diabetes in childhood can drastically reduce life expectancy. Reuters, AP, AP

Scientists may have found a way to manipulate a bacterium so that it prevents mosquitoes from spreading malaria. BBC

Vaccines made with bacteria killed by radiation may be better than other types. Reuters

Family of squirrels takes over a house in Germany. Der Spiegel

Theory: Testicular cancer may be particularly sensitive to chemotherapy due to testicular cells being used to slightly cooler than core body temperature. BBC, CBC, AP, AP

Saturn's moon Titan may have lakes filled with liquid hydrocarbons. BBC, ScienceNOW, AP, AP


Use of corn as a fuel source may significantly impact corn as a food source. CSM

Report: Much of the US is not prepared to use electronic voting machines. WP

Most states are not living up to "No Child Left Behind" standards and may lose federal money. NYT

Judge puts banned children's book about Cuba back on the shelves in Miami-Dade. NYT

Language skills may have evolved in early primates. Reuters

Mass produced bird flu vaccine for humans may be ready by next year. Reuters

Thailand sees its 15th death from bird flu, first this year. BBC

Transgenic cotton may give rise to an increase in secondary pests. Nature

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