Monday, July 24, 2006

Today in Science

Human trial are about to start on Alzheimer's pill that may significantly reduce the amount of amyloid protein in patients brains. BBC, Reuters

Leukemia drug shown to have dangerous cardiac side effects. BBC, AP, AP, Reuters, Nature

President Bush's anti-pollution measures are judged to be equal to President Clinton's. (By actual scientists.) WP

Report: Arab nations will need to spend $100 billion on water desalinization over the next 10 years to meet the rising demand for water. Reuters


The rate of new HIV infections in South Africa is leveling off. AP, AP

American students are turning to Cuba for free medical education. WP

Anti-obesity surgery results in complications in 40% of patients. NYT

China plans to send seeds into space in the hope that cosmic rays will mutate them into super-fruits. Al Jazeera

Space probe finds continent on Saturn's moon Titan. NG

OK, for real this time: Microsoft will release its own version of the iPod called Zune. (Better than Origami.) WP, BBC

Genome analysis shows evidence of natural selection at work in humans. WP

The EU is considering a stem cell research funding ban similar to the US. (Prepare to have to fly to Seoul for your medical needs in the future.) BBC, Reuters

The sole patient in Indonesia to survive the bird flu is finally going home. AP, AP

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