Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today in Science

President Bush vetoes stem cell bill. Reuters, NYT, WP, BBC, Guardian, ScienceNOW, AP, ROBBLOG

House vote to override Bush's veto falls short. AP, AP

Scientists say Bush is "out of touch" on stem cell issue. BBC


The Gates Foundation donates $287 million to development of an AIDS vaccine. NYT, BBC, AL Jazeera, AP, AP, LAT, Guardian


Toyota to sell plug-in hybrids. CSM

Super fast, super expensive electric car unveiled. NYT

Simple changes in India and China have cut greenhouse emissions. NG

Another poor funding year anticipated for NIH in 2007. ScienceNOW

Scientists want a new world organization to combat loss of biodiversity. BBC, Reuters, Guardian

New rift in Africa/Arabia tectonic plates may eventually form a new ocean. BBC,, NG

Alzheimer's patch may be on the way. AP, AP

Proteins that keep the cornea clear of blood vessel may be used to fight cancer.

San Francisco is moving closer to universal health care. AP, AP

Judge: Wal-Mart does not have to spend more on their employees' health insurance in Maryland. NYT, WP, AP, AP

China wants to explore Mars. Reuters

HD camcorder from Sony. Reuters

Republican lawmakers announce $100 million school voucher plan for low income students. WP, NYT, AP, AP

Scientists confirm 42nd Indonesian bird flu death. AP

Amnesty International says Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! violate human rights by siding with China against dissidents. AP, AP, Reuters

The Indian government is blocking some blogs. WSJ, BBC

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