Thursday, July 27, 2006

Today in Science

More on the potential bird flu vaccine that may be out next year. CBC, WP, AP, AP, NYT, BBC, DPA, Guardian

Singapore develops the first stem cell lines suitable for use in human beings. Nature (In the "I told you so" department, see here.) [Actually, it wasn’t me but you get the point.]

A clinic in the UK will be able to pay women having IVF to give up extra eggs for stem cell research. BBC

Another earthquake hits Indonesia. Reuters, AP

Unpredictable responses to marijuana therapy may do more harm than good. BBC

WHO: 60,000 die each year worldwide from getting too much sun. Reuters, BBC


India may repeal law banning gay sex to help fight the spread of HIV. AP, AP

Scientists have found genes that allow electrical currents to accelerate the healing of wounds. Guardian, Reuters, ScienceNOW

Transplant doctors want to offer people who donate their organs to get special benefits. UPI

Methane rain falls on Saturn's moon Titan. Reuters, Nature


"U.S. officials and automotive industry leaders have agreed that hydrogen fuel is the long-term solution to reducing the country's oil dependence." Correct me if I’m wrong but, aren’t these the same people who made us oil dependant in the first place? UPI

Heat trapped in large cities affects summer weather. NG

Hydrogen scooter developed in the Netherlands.

Pakistan is developing more plutonium. Nature, AP, WP, AP

MSN will run free episodes of "Arrested Development" online. LAT, AP, AP

Metallica goes on sale on iTunes. Reuters, LAT

Over 95% of email is spam. BBC

Genes identified that pattern both fish fins and human limbs. CBC,

ROBBLOG's first ever story about watermelon. CBC, Reuters

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