Monday, July 31, 2006

Today in Science


HIV reservoirs in the gut survive anti-retroviral drugs. BBC, CBC, Reuters

Scientists have found a way to reverse muscular dystrophy in mice. BBC

Medicare drug benefit falling short for some. WP, UPI

More vaccinations are recommended for children. AP, AP

John Kerry calls for healthcare coverage for all Americans by 2012. AP, AP

Drinking is good for you. (In moderation people!) LAT

A type of spider makes noise during sex.

New type of giant dinosaur discovered. NG

Scientists successfully predicted an earthquake in India. ScienceNOW

Doctors say the new cervical cancer vaccine should be given to men and women. Reuters

Scorpion venom may fight brain cancer. Reuters, BBC

South Africa to start a space program. Reuters

Bill in the Senate would create searchable database of all government spending. WP

The Senate will vote on easing offshore oil drilling restrictions. CSM

Smugglers are bringing bird flu across the Chinese border into Vietnam. WP

India says it is free of bird flu. AP, AP

The Thai government ordered 300,000 chickens killed following recent bird flu outbreak. DPA

Secret government anti-bioterrorism center being built. WP

DOD program supports teaching of languages relevant to the war on terror. WP

Here is an interesting article about the concerns surrounding generating designer viruses in the lab. WP

Taiwan looks to secure oil from Chad. DPA

Iran and Japan put finishing touches on $2 billion dollar oil deal. DPA

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