Saturday, August 19, 2006

This Week in Science


The International HIV/AIDS conference was held in Toronto this week.

New agent in new class of HIV drug works very well. Reuters, LAT

The rate of HIV infection in the US has not gone down in 15 years. WP

The Gates Foundation wants to see an AIDS vaccine. AP Or other means of prevention (especially for women). BBC, WP, AP, Reuters, LAT

A 4-drug combination of HIV drugs is not superior to the standard 3-drug cocktail. AP, CBC

Early tests of an HIV prevention pill are positive. AP

Teaching abstinence in Africa is not enough. WP

Experts say HIV testing needs to be greatly increased to help fight the spread of AIDS. BBC

Scientist discusses progress toward and HIV vaccine or cure. CBC

China has a shortage of AIDS drugs. Reuters

Boom in heroin from Afghanistan is increasing the spread of HIV. Nature

HIV prevention looks to circumcision. WP

The world is falling short in distributing HIV drugs. NYT

UN official: Bush policy of promoting abstinence is hurting the overall anti-AIDS effort. BBC

Researchers focus on HIV positive "elite controllers" who keep the virus at undetectable levels without treatment. WP, Reuters

WHO: Only 1/4 of HIV infected patients have access to anti-retroviral drugs and it is especially bad for children. AP, NYT, Reuters, UPI

For extensive coverage of this week's International AIDS Conference, see Clinical Care Options.


3 major car companies have a $1 billion dollar collaboration to make the next-generation hybrid engine. (And then put it %##$^$ing SUVs.) Reuters

Natural disasters will increase in a warming world. BBC, Guardian

Scientists want greenhouse gases to be trapped under the ocean floor. Reuters

Study finds a direct link between global warming and hurricane intensity. Reuters,

Irish company wants scientists to validate its "free energy" technology. Reuters

UN to lead effort to clean up Mediterranean oil spill. BBC, NYT, BBC

The ozone layer is slowly repairing itself. Reuters

Water shortages will be worldwide in the future. BBC, Reuters

Sperm from dead, frozen mice works OK. Reuters, BBC, Guardian, Nature

Unique human brain genes discovered. BBC, AP, Reuters, Guardian,, ScienceNOW

Brain cells may have stem cell-like properties. UPI,

Scientists say they are near to understanding tumor metastasis. NYT

Breast cancer treatments are linked to increased risk of heart disease. NYT, BBC, Guardian

Compound found in some hot dogs may cause mutations.

Problems paying for health care are extending to middle and upper class families. AP

Watching TV may act as a natural painkiller for children. (TV, is there anything it can't do?) BBC

Federal judge rules that tobacco companies have lied for years about the health risk associated with their products, orders a change. WP, NYT, BBC

NASA has lost the original moon landing tape. BBC, Reuters, Guardian, AP, WP (ROBBLOG Guest Commentary)

Number of planets in our solar system may be increased to 12. (Now we will have to come up with new pneumonic devices, thanks scientists.) AP, CBC, WP, NYT, LAT, BBC

Space shuttle Atlantis to launch on August 27th. Reuters, LAT, BBC

Dell to recall 4.1 million laptop batteries due to fire risk. WP, AP, NYT, Reuters, Reuters

Pennsylvania is being sued over paperless electronic voting machines. AP

In light of Federal policies, stem cell research focus shifts from cell therapies to drug therapies. NYT

Singapore is emerging as a world leader in stem cell research. NYT

New bird flu drug? DPA

Researchers find potential new target for fighting bird flu. AP, Reuters, Nature

2 more bird flu cases found in Indonesia (45th death reported). NYT

The Gates Foundation has to hustle to give away Warren Buffet's money. NYT

Medical advisors suggest performing medical tests on prisoners. NYT

Federal judge: Warrantless wire-tapping is unconstitutional, must stop immediately. WP, AP, BBC

China's one child policy is causing men to well outnumber women setting up a problem for the future. Reuters

Report: Dike on Florida's Lake Okeechobee may fail during a hurricane. NG

The President of Iran has started a blog. Al Jazeera (Apparently to fill the void of all the blogs his government is censoring. AP

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