Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today in Science

Dell to recall 4.1 million laptop batteries due to fire risk. WP, AP, NYT, Reuters, Reuters

Google to add local coupons. WP, AP, NYT


HIV focus to shift from prevention to treatment. Reuters

Teaching abstinence in Africa is not enough. WP

Experts say HIV testing needs to be greatly increased to help fight the spread of AIDS. BBC

Scientist discusses progress toward and HIV vaccine or cure. CBC

China has a shortage of AIDS drugs. Reuters

Sperm from dead, frozen mice works OK. Reuters, BBC, Guardian, Nature

Scientists say they are near to understanding tumor metastasis. NYT

Breast cancer treatments are linked to increased risk of heart disease. NYT, BBC, Guardian

Compound found in some hot dogs may cause mutations. LiveScience.com

NASA has lost the original moon landing tape. BBC, Reuters, Guardian, AP, WP


Natural disasters will increase in a warming world. BBC, Guardian

Scientists want greenhouse gases to be trapped under the ocean floor. Reuters

14th person in China dies of bird flu. AP

Harmless form of bird flu may be in the US. AP

"Ground zero" rescue workers will receive increased benefits. AP

Second laptop with Florida DOT information stolen. WP

The birth rate in Germany (the lowest in Europe) has declined to a new low. BBC

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