Friday, August 04, 2006

Today in Science

Tropical storm Chris is now a tropical depression. (Don't count it out yet.) Reuters, AP, AP

Monsoon kills 42 in India. Reuters, AP, AP

112 dead in France from record heat. Reuters, AP, AP

Number of hurricanes forecast for this year is reduced. NG, Reuters, AP


Some say the recent hotness may be due to global warming. WP (Even Pat Robertson thinks so. Reuters)

The EPA recommends new pesticide restrictions. NYT

FDA decision on "“Plan B" contraceptive” was made without benefit of the science. Reuters


AIDS drugs are still working 10 years after their introduction. Reuters

Researchers are working on a patch vaccine against HIV. DPA

Africa faces loss of health care workers to AIDS and overseas emigration. BBC

Doctors do not prescribe antibiotics correctly. UPI

Study: Blood clots are elastic and strong. AP, CBC, AP, AP

Here is a news flash: it is worse to be fat when it is hot. AP, AP

2 star/planets(?) discovered. BBC, NYT

AOL is cutting 1/4 of it'’s workforce (5,000 jobs). WP, AP, AP, NYT

Apple has a deal to put iPod connectors in Ford, GM, and Mazda vehicles. Reuters, AP, AP

Indonesian family of 7 suspected of having bird flu have tested negative for the virus. BBC

Radiation therapy can people to incorrectly trip airport security alarms. BBC

Here's another story about the cat brain parasite that affects people's personalities.

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