Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today in Science

Cuban President Fidel Castro temporarily relinquishes power to undergo surgery for intestinal bleeding. Miami Herald, BBC, Reuters, WP, AP, AP, LAT For more on this story, see TOKATAKIYA.

Economist: $100 per barrel oil not so bad. UPI

Israeli bombing has caused oil spills in Lebanon. BBC, NG, AP

Researchers have developed a vaccine that blocks weight gain in rats. BBC, Reuters, ScienceNOW, LAT

The safety of Pacific Northwest oysters is questioned. Reuters, AP

The ocean contains thousands of unknown bacterial species. CBC, BBC

Invisibility may be possible. Reuters

The FDA may allow over the counter sales of "Plan B" to women over 18. WP, Reuters, NYT, AP, AP

Nicotine fuels the progression of tumors. Reuters


Older patients with HIV are prone to experience depression. UPI


Many options vie to replace gasoline. CSM

Rare Antarctic clouds seen as possible harbinger of global warming. Reuters

More scientists use Google Earth. Der Spiegel

Voice of America broadcasts in "“Special English", a 1,500 word vocabulary used to help people speak English. NYT

Pro-evolution politicians seek seats on Kansas State Board of Education to reverse previous anti-evolution decisions. NYT

People do not listen to information that is counter to their beliefs. WP

Experiments show that a bird flu pandemic may be less likely than previously thought. LAT, ScienceNOW, AP

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