Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Today in Science


Increased temperature = increased air conditioner use = increased CO2 = increased temperature = we're screwed.

Large cities around the world are banding together to fight climate change. Al Jazeera

Current heat waves may already be being caused by global warming. NG

Group says the EPA is ignoring science in favor of politics. NYT

Orangutans are the smartest non-human primates. Nature

Marijuana may interfere with conception. BBC, Guardian

US drug czar calls for tougher measures to fight meth. AP

3rd breast cancer gene discovered. UPI

Increased ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids in the diet may decrease prostate cancer progression. Reuters

Fate of FDA head nominee is tied to "Plan B" status. AP, NYT, Reuters, UPI

Fat people are delusional. AP

9/11 first responders show lung damage. BBC, LAT, WP (scroll down)

The Atlantis space shuttle is moving to the launch pad. AP

Google may add all books in the University of California system to its digital library. LAT

CVS to start online film processing. Reuters

More on pro-evolutionists bid to take over the Kansas State Board of Education. WP, AP, AP

Hurricane Chris? Reuters

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