Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today in Science

Baby pandas everywhere! Reuters, AP

Tiny bird makes 40,000 mile migration every year. BBC, LiveScience.com

Scientists reconstruct an ancient gene. BBC

Antibiotic use in US and Europe may be causing more drug-resistant bacteria in livestock. NG

Pre-natal ultrasound tests can influence brain development in mice. AP, Reuters, Nature, Guardian

Life on the surface of Mars may be impossible. NG


Under the sea: scientists want to store CO2 under the sea bed to fight global warming. BBC

Inuits (Eskimos) are buying air conditioners. Reuters

New Apple computers now all use Intel chips. LAT, AP, Reuters

A robot has been designed to rescue injured soldiers on the battlefield. LiveScience.com

First New Orleans' schools re-open. NYT, AP, WP

Thanks to Bush administration policy, American companies are moving stem cell research overseas. UPI

43rd and 44th Indonesian bird flu deaths recorded. AP

Deadly flooding seen in India. Reuters, AP

Hot weather drives down crime rates. WP

2/3 of Lebanese hospitals may close due to fuel shortages caused by the war with Israel. BBC

Electrical currents allow scientists to guide people's movements. Nature

Government voucher program to include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. AP

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