Saturday, August 05, 2006

This Week in Science

Cuban President Fidel Castro temporarily relinquishes power to undergo surgery for intestinal bleeding. Miami Herald, BBC, Reuters, WP, AP, AP, LAT, TOKOTAKIYA

Taiwan looks to secure oil from Chad. DPA

Iran and Japan put finishing touches on $2 billion dollar oil deal. DPA

Researchers say that over 25% of the world’s population is infected with a cat parasite that can cause personality changes. UPI,

NGO: Coke and Pepsi in India contain pesticides. BBC, Reuters


HIV reservoirs in the gut survive anti-retroviral drugs. BBC, CBC, Reuters

New drug for resistant HIV approved. UPI

Tropical storm Chris is now a tropical depression. (Don’t count it out yet.) Reuters, AP, AP

It was frickin’ hot! Reuters, WP, WP

112 dead in France from record heat. Reuters, AP, AP

Here is a news flash: it is worse to be fat when it is hot. AP, AP

Number of hurricanes forecast for this year is reduced. NG, Reuters, AP

Israeli bombing has caused oil spills in Lebanon. BBC, NG, AP

Pro-evolution politicians take over Kansas State Board of Education. NYT, WP, AP, AP

Scientists have found a way to reverse muscular dystrophy in mice. BBC

Researchers have developed a vaccine that blocks weight gain in rats. BBC, Reuters, ScienceNOW, LAT

9/11 first responders show lung damage. BBC, LAT, WP (scroll down)

Sen. John Kerry calls for healthcare coverage for all Americans by 2012. AP, AP

Drinking is good for you. (In moderation people!) LAT

Doctors say the new cervical cancer vaccine should be given to men and women. Reuters

The Atlantis space shuttle is moving to the launch pad. AP

Invisibility may be possible. Reuters

The FDA may allow over the counter sales of “Plan B” to women over 18. WP, Reuters, NYT, AP, AP

Experiments show that a bird flu pandemic may be less likely than previously thought. LAT, ScienceNOW, AP


Increased temperature = increased air conditioner use = increased CO2 = increased temperature = we’re screwed.

AOL is cutting 1/4 of it’s workforce (5,000 jobs). WP, AP, AP, NYT

Fate of FDA head nominee is tied to “Plan B” status. AP, NYT, Reuters, UPI

Bill in the Senate would create searchable database of all government spending. WP

People do not listen to information that is counter to their beliefs. WP

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