Monday, August 07, 2006

Today in Science


Area off of the Oregon coast is so low in oxygen that aquatic animals can not survive there. NYT, AP, NG

Years of Castro have not damaged the Cuban environment. NG


Kenya identifies inexpensive ways to reduce the spread of AIDS. NYT

Bush administration to set standards for federally funded health care providers. WP

The country's Governors are working to deal with Medicaid. AP

Parts of India are banning Coke and Pepsi from schools after finding high levels of pesticides in the drinks. Reuters

Years of taking birth control does not reduce fertility. DPA

Honey may be more effective than antibiotics at treating certain wounds. DPA

New data show that the "Universe may be bigger and older" than previously thought. LAT

Google to introduce video ads from Viacom. NYT, AP, Reuters

New Google feature will warn users of websites with spyware, etc. BBC

Possible 55th Indonesian bird flu case found. DPA

Tropical storm Chris downgraded to a tropical depression. AP

List of 50 most dangerous US cities released.

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