Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today in Science

Pop will make you fat. AP

Mysterious disease to be investigated by the CDC. AP

Ebola-like disease seen in Turkey. AP

Mutation linked to development of Parkinson's disease. CBC, UPI

Mediterranean oil spill caused by Israeli bombing is bad and getting worse. Al Jazeera, BBC

Alaskan oil pipeline spills are common. CSM

Legal hunting of mountain lions does not reduce attacks. Reuters

Elephants may feel compassion. Al Jazeera

China to allow hunting of endangered species by tourists. Reuters, BBC

FDA movement on "Plan B" to come soon. AP, NYT, Reuters


AIDS could 11 million people in India by 2026. Reuters

Researchers are testing HIV drugs in uninfected people to see if they can prevent HIV transmission. Reuters

Sprint to develop $2.5 billion dollar long range wireless (WiMax) internet network. WP, NYT

The Federal government is going to auction off some $20 billion worth of bandwidth. LAT

This article illustrates the ridiculous effects the Bush administration stem cell policy has on real world labs. LAT

NOAA hurricane forecast revised: fewer storms! AP, WP, NG

4.5 million people in India are homeless due to flooding. Reuters

Coca-cola says its products are safe in India. AP But more parts of India are banning Coke and Pepsi. Reuters

Conjoined twins separated in Utah. AP, BBC, Reuters

Possible fossil fuel beds off the coast of Cuba may end the island's energy problems and, possibly, the US embargo. UPI

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